Teaching Portfolio

Teaching Portfolio – Inventors/Rube Goldberg, Gateway Middle School 2015/2016

We started the first semester with reviewing simple machines (wedge, lever, Archimedes’ screw, pulley, wheel, inclined plane) and beginning to do some small building projects such as the rubber band catapult and rubber band powered car built from recycled products.

simplemachine1     simplemachine2


kidsatwork4      kidsatwork3

By the second semester, we started to build many small machines together – to make our Rube Goldberg machine. Here is a picture of the students setting up the machine at the official Rube Goldberg Contest where the task was: to open an umbrella. The contest took place at the Lower Hudson Valley Engineering Expo in White Plains, NY. We won 2nd place at the local competition.




Here is a video of our Rube Machine successfully running. Our decoration theme for the machine was great inventions in history. This ranged from a simple machine like the nail (a wedge) to rocketry and the internet.




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