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Teaching Portfolio – Printmaking, Gateway Middle School, 2016

Printmaking, Gateway Middle School, 2016

7th and 8th Graders

Collographs – Spirit Animal

We made Collographs of an animal we identified as our ‘Spirit Animal’. Students were encouraged to identify character traits they had or wish they had that they believed existed in these animals. This exercise supports students finding pride in themselves and acceptance of others with¬†their similarities and differences.¬†Each animal consisted of 3 sets of stencils to be copied in tagboard and glued on top of each other: First, there is the outline of the animal. Second, on top of that, details that help the animal look 3 dimensional are added- such as a leg in front of another or the outside ear. Third, finer details such as hair and eyes are added with a dab of glue on top of the other two layers. These layers of tagboard make the ‘plate’ that is used to make the prints. Various colors can be used – in between drying – to make a number of prints. The top image you see in each of these spirit animals is the ‘plate’. The bottom image is one of the prints made from that plate.


Collograph - HorseCollograph_doveCollograph_fox





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